NCEdCloud (North Carolina Education Cloud) is an Online Portal which provides Cloud-based learning resources that gives self-service capabilities to all users and delegation capabilities to all PSU administrators (Charter and district school).

Login to NCEdCloud

Now, Sign IN process is simple. Follow the below steps:

  • Click here or go to in your browser.
  • Select NCEdCloud cms option.
  • Enter your Username (State UID number) as shown below :
Login to NCEdCloud Account.
  • Then, Click on “Go” button.
  • Next, Enter your Password.
  • Again, Click on “Go” button.
  • On successful validation, you’ll be logged in to the Portal.

Login IAM Dashboard using QR Code

Here’s how to use QR Code for Student login:

  • Go here or visit the Official Website.
  • click on “Scan Student QR Code“.
  • Next, You need to allow Camera access your QR Code as show below:
Rapid identity NCEdCloud Student gateway.
  • Once QR Code is verified, click on “Start over” button.
  • On validating your details, You will be given access to Student Portal.

Note : All employees with a Privileged Role are required to use Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging in Rapid identity NCEdCloud.

Claim My Account

A Student and Staff member can follow these claim steps below:

Claim Account (Staff) :

  • Go to the NC EdCloud portal.
  • On the login screen, click “Claim My Account
  • Choose “LEA Employee Claim Policy” from the dropdown and press “Next”.
Rapididentity Ncedcloud Teacher dashboard
  • Enter your claim info, complete the ReCaptcha, and click “Next”.
  • Create a password according to the rules. Once your login password matches in both boxes, “Next” will activate. Click “Next”.
  • Answer the minimum challenge questions as instructed. When ready, scroll down and hit “Next.”
  • You’ll reach a confirmation page for your claimed NcedCloud Account, and your Username will be in green.

Claim Account (Student) :

  • Access the portal.
  • Click “Claim My Account” on the Log In screen.
  • Choose “LEA Student Claim Policy” from the dropdown and press “Next”.
NCEdCloud Parent web page.
  • Enter your Claim details, complete the ReCaptcha, and click “Next”
  • Set a password and Click “Next.”
  • Answer the required challenge questions as instructed. Scroll and hit “Next” when ready.
  • You’ll find a confirmation page showing your successfully claimed account, with your username in green.

Features :

NCEdcloud Iam Service provides a wide range of features and benefits for Students, Teachers & LEA Administrators depending on their roles.

Student :

  • Ability to access their Class Materials from anywhere.
  • Can collaborate with Classmates, Professors, and other Students using the platform’s built-in tools.
  • Can get help from peers on any question they have about the Course Material.
  • Ability to work together on projects and presentations with other classmates or group members.
  • Secure data storage and transfer.
  • Ability to easily share files via email or other Education app’s.
  • Students can Log In to their Account with a “NCEdCloud Badge” (QR Code) if the Public Schools has chosen this option.
  • IAM Service self-help has Support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Teacher :

  • View their Student’s profiles.
  • Ability to create Classes, enroll students in those Classes, Assignment Materials to be read, and Track the Progress of their Students Learning.
  • Restore their Student’s passwords.
  • Access their Class Grades through the platform’s dashboard at any time.
  • Have access to all Student work (AssignmentsDiscussion posts within the platform).
  • Iam Service is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • NcedCloud app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

LEA Administrators :

  • View the contact information for all district students and employees.
  • Create sponsored accounts for Guests.
  • Gain insights into Student Learning with easy reporting tools
  • Enable and disable accounts, or password-protect pages via the control panel.
  • Streamlined workflow for easy Classroom Management.
  • Access Grades, Assignments, and other information about your students progress in one place
  • One-click mass distribution of push notifications and messages to every studentteacherparent, and education staff.
  • The ability to create new Courses and Study Materials with just a few clicks, or use imported content from other sources.


What is Full form of NCEd Cloud ?

It is North Carolina Education Cloud.

How can I change Password in My NCEdCloud?

How can I get my Username?

How can I reach out Help desk?

How do I request additional roles that will give me access to manage my users?

What are the Modules available in Portal?

What are the Staff modules available in Portal?

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  1. Thank you for sharing practical examples of how Ncedcloud Login is being utilized in real classrooms. The success stories you mentioned are inspiring and demonstrate the positive impact this platform can have on student outcomes. It’s exciting to see how technology is transforming education, and Iam Service certainly plays a significant role in this transformation.

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  6. When I first started NCedCloud gateway, I had mixed feelings about its effectiveness. While I could see the potential benefits of having all educational resources in one centralized platform, I found the implementation to be somewhat lacking in certain areas. The platform’s performance was inconsistent at times, and I encountered difficulties accessing certain features. However, I remain hopeful that with continued updates and improvements, NCedCloud gateway will become a more reliable tool.

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  14. In my experience as a district technology coordinator of county schools in Ncedcloud Login guilford county, Powerschool & the Iam Rapididentity has revolutionized how we manage educational technology resources and support teachers in leveraging digital tools effectively. NCEdCloud parent platform fosters collaboration, enhances data security, and promotes best practices in instructional technology integration.

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