Since August 2019, NCEdCloud IAM Service offers Badges (QR Codes) for younger students as an alternate (opt-in) login method.

Our PreK-5 Alternate Authentication feature in NCEdCloud has been updated in response to feedback from PSUs across the state (completed at the end of 2023):

There is now the option to implement badges (QR codes) as a feature in the NCEdCloud IAM Service for ALL students in PreK-5 (grades -3 through 5 in the Student System) without the need for PSUs to “opt in”. In order to use badges instead of usernames and passwords when logging in, teachers and staff with appropriate privileges in the NCEdCloud IAM Service can print badges for these students.

This grade level teachers (and other staff with Privileged Roles) will have a new option available in the People view: “My Students (QR Codes) – LEA xxx.”

It does not affect your students immediately. If you choose to use Badges, you will be able to print them out for any or all of your students in grades 3 through 5. Otherwise, students will continue to log in with their student IDs and passwords as they always do. The username option for your PSU that uses an “Alias ID” has not changed if it uses an email address (most cases).

To opt out, follow these steps:

It is necessary to submit a PreK-5 Badges Opt-Out form (see the block on the right) if your PSU does not wish to have the “Badges” feature available to some or all of your PreK-5 students. Those with NCEdCloud privileged roles of LEA Administrator or LEA Data Auditor can complete this Opt-Out Request form if they are a PSU Technology Director or Administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come some of my students have trouble scanning their badges?

For a student device camera to read a QR Code (Bagges), it must be “bright” enough. The badges should not be shaded or tilted downward when scanning. Having overhead lights or exterior windows illuminate the badges might help. For the best contrast, make sure that the badge is printed on white paper. Recent releases of RapidIdentity Portal software have also improved the camera/scanning issue.

What is the process of logging in with a username and password for a Primary student with Badges enabled?

During the login process, students who are configured to use a Badge can enter their Username (Student Number) and select “Go” if they don’t have it with them. To complete their login, they will be presented with the NCEdCloud Password screen. To return to the Username screen if they click the “Scan Student QR Code” button instead of entering their username, they will need to click the “Start Over” button and “Ok” The Password Screen will appear once the student enters his or her Student Number and clicks “Go”.

How can I fix the QR Code Authentication Failed error when scanning a badge?

The Badge QR Code contains the student’s username/student number and their account password. If you see this error, then the current password does not match the password contained in the Badge QR Code. If the student’s password has changed since the badge was printed (or the badge is an older version), a new badge will need to be viewed and printed. Select the QR Code button next to the student’s name in NCEdCloud’s Profiles section, then click My Students (QR Code) – LEA ### and check the box next to the student’s name. You can then print the badge (press the right mouse button or click “Print” from the browser menu).

How do I use NCEdCloud Badges on my iPad 2 devices? (Apple iOS limitation)

To scan badges with the iPad 2s, the required version of iOS is not available on the iPad 2s. It is necessary for Apple iOS (mobile) devices to be able to access the camera through Safari (the Apple browser) when logging into NCEdCloud with student badges. Safari can’t “capture” the iPad 2 camera on versions of iOS prior to 11.x. The iPad 2’s last OS version was 9.3.5. This means that iPad 2 devices cannot be used to log into NCEdCloud with a QR code. Apple mobile devices must run iOS 11.x or later versions.

Documentation and Opt-Out Form


It is possible for your PSU to opt out of the Badges (QR Codes) option for one or more grade levels by submitting the PreK-5 Alternate Authentication Opt-Out form by a staff member with either the LEA Administrator or LEA Data Auditor roles. Students in those grades won’t be able to create/print badges anymore if this option is removed.